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3 Major Factors to Consider When Choosing Shapewear

Posted by Bras NYC on 12/13/2014

You've probably heard of this "magical" piece of undergarment that many women vie for and is considered a must-have in every fashion fanatic's wardrobe. It's more commonly known as shapewear, designed to smooth the lines, cuts, and rolls on your body and make you look slimmer and sexier.

We carry a wide range of shapewear that you can pick from. However, it's not a one-size-fits-all kind of apparel. With the vast array available in the market, it can be quite confusing or you might end up buying something that would defeat the purpose. Hence, keep these 3 major factors in mind that you have to take into account before purchasing a particular shapewear:


Plenty of women have made the mistake of selecting a smaller size for their shapewear in order to tuck it in further or make them seem thinner. But then, the problem is that the opposite is achieved--- they end up looking bigger!

Don't make the same mistake. Always go for your own size. For instance, if you're buying cami shapewear, choose one that's similar to your shirt size. If you're getting a full body shapewear, then it's important to pick your panty size.


When it comes to the material, it's best to pick a higher nylon level because this tends to provide greater and better modification. Also keep in mind that lighter options are much more appropriate for targeting particular problem areas while the heavier materials would usually compress your body more and add extra shape.

Another thing you have to know is that most shapewear is created with spandex and nylon. Yes, these materials may be comfortable but they can be quite warm too. Hence, they are not recommended for use during the summer. But because of continuous innovation, you can actually avail of breathable shapewear that's intended for use in hot climate areas and when it's summertime.


Aside from size and material, it's essential to consider the actual style. There are so many variants today for shapewear that you'll really have to be specific with how you intend to use yours. Will you be wearing it under your office attire on a daily basis? Will you just be using it for special occasions under formal dresses? Knowing the purpose will help you identify the ideal style to go for. Of course you need not limit yourself to just one. You can actually purchase several types of shapewear to address your different fashion needs.

Equipped with these 3 crucial factors, take the time to browse through our collection of shapewear and discover one or more that suit you best.