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4 Bra-Fitting Tips Every Woman Should Know

Posted by BrasNYC on 11/3/2014
Bras, although a staple of female wardrobe, are often given afterthought when it comes to fitting. But like any other wardrobe, bras should be chosen with as much care because it lays the foundation of a pulled-together look. Remember the last time when your shirt crinkled because of what’s underneath? It was likely due to a bra with a cup size too large for your breasts. 

A more serious fashion faux pas when choosing bras is their long-term effect on your posture and over-all health. Full breasts on poor support could lead to backaches, and straps that dig into the shoulders could constrict blood circulation. So the next time you shop for bras, think not only of how well they would help you look better but how well they would help you feel better, too. Here are some pointers to keep in mind when choosing a new pair.

Hook the bra from the back

The ideal way to hook the bra is from the back but there are women who cannot reach around that far. To get around that problem, hook the bra in front of a slip, not bare skin, spin it around on the fabric, and lean forward to let the breasts fall into the cup naturally. Then, stand straight and adjust the breasts in the cup, with your one hand adjusting the breast and the other adjusting the elastic band.

Deal with the bra straps the right way

Bra straps should not sit close to the shoulder blades; that is already high enough. After all, the straps are there to stabilize, not support, the breasts, as 90% of the support is done by the back band. Be sure that the bra straps are not digging into the shoulders, as this could mean that your current cup size is too small. Find a cup size until the breasts no longer push against the bra to cause the straps to cut off circulation in that area.

Fit your bra according to your body structure

There is no such thing as an all-weather bra; each pair of bra has its own function, which means that the one you wear under a close-fitting t-shirt will not work well if worn under a gym outfit. Determine the function your bra will serve, then look at the volume and shape of your breasts. 

For women with fuller breasts on the bottom end, bras with no molding nor padding work best as they are able to stretch and accommodate the entire breasts in the cup. For those with no fullness or experience sagging, molded bras are recommended as this type gives the breasts the rounded smooth shape beneath the clothes. 

Bras should also be chosen according to season. In summer, lace or sheer bras made of light fabrics allow the breasts to breathe.

Understand that your body will change, and so will your bra

A very common mistake among women is to wear their bras until they are well-worn to save them from buying bras every now and then. But the reality is that the body changes, and so do the breasts. Women who go from being single to being pregnant often undergo the most obvious change, which necessarily calls for a change in wardrobe including underwear. For women with less obvious changes, however, bras are often not changed enough even when the body and breast have already changed. When the bra starts feeling uncomfortable, perhaps it's not the straps that are the problem. Maybe all you need at this point is to finally have a new set.
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