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7 Essentials for a Bra Wardrobe

Posted by Bras NYC on 10/7/2014
Just because they are worn underneath does not mean you should not be selective when it comes to bras. In fact, bras that are ill-fitting will not only make you uncomfortable and restrict circulation, but will also show in your form. 

An oversized bra, for example, will wrinkle underneath your shirt and ruin your outfit, while a bra that is one size smaller will show your fat folds in the back and limit blood flow to the chest area. This is why it's important to use the right bra for the right occasion. After all, you need to assemble a handful so you can rotate them between uses, so might as well put together a bra wardrobe to go with the right outfit.
T-Shirt Bras
For a smooth and shapely form under tight-fitting tops, use T-shirt or contour bras that do not add bulk. These soft-cup bras are lightly lined with material that shape the bust and conceal nipples.
Convertible Bras
Convertible bras are for when you face a wardrobe dilemma of concealing your bra without losing the support and contouring that they provide. These bras have modified straps so you can easily transform them into a racer-back, one-shoulder, halter and strapless if needed.
Strapless Bras
To keep them snugly but firmly in place, strapless bras have wide sides and feature silicone stitching. They should be a staple for evening gowns and outfits where a peeking strap would ruin the outfit.
Demi-cup Bras
Fancifully called 'date bras' because they feature a low-cut, contoured underwire bra, demi-cup bras are very flattering and so often worn on a date. On any other day, demi-cup bras are best to use with square, wide scoop or low cut neckline where the everyday, T-shirt bra will show.
Seamless Bras
Clingy clothes look their best when there are no bra lines to steal the show; seamless bras are very handy in this occasion.
Pushup Bras
Firm underwire and additional padding at the bottom of the cup help create an illusion of a fuller bustline; hence, this bra is best to use when an outfit calls for a more filled-out look, such as evening wear.
Sports Bra
Breasts should be protected from unnecessary bouncing because movement can break down non-elastic ligaments that support the breasts and this eventually leads to sagging. To help prevent damage to the breast tissue, sports bras, which hold breast tissues closer to the chest without restricting them, are essential.
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