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Body Acceptance: Dressing Well From The Inside Out

Posted by BrasNYC on 2/15/2015
The confidence that dressing well from the inside out can inspire cannot be underestimated. From important meetings, to job interviews, to first dates, anniversaries, and many more special occasions, women dress to make the most of their appearance.  Women do not choose to dress their best to impress others so much as to instill an extra jolt of confidence in themselves.

One of the most important facets of the various “real women” and “curvy women” movements, now merging into the larger “body acceptance” movement, is bringing women to understand that doing what makes them feel fabulous, regardless of where, when, or for whom, needs to become a priority in their lives.

Size does not matter in body acceptance, nor does age, what a woman does for a living, how much money she makes, whether she’s gay, straight or bi, single or married, mom or not. Women from all walks of life are racing to join groups that reinforce just a few simple caveats: It’s OK to put yourself first now and then, no one has a right to judge you based on your body type, and that it is up to women the world over to embrace what makes them different, and special, and to support one another while doing so.

While programs like TLC’s Fat Girl Dancing could be said to be turning a plus size woman into a curiosity, the star of the program, and others like Tess Munster—who just signed with a major modeling agency, Robyn Lawley—the new Sports Illustrated bikini model, and up-and-coming actress and director, Dellany Peace, who can be seen with Whitney Way Thore doing their own spoof of Iggy Azelea’s “Fancy” on YouTube, are passionate about helping women feel fabulous at a size 2 or 20.  

TLC staple, Stacey London, is helming a plus size fashion program for the network, and bloggers like Jes Baker, of The Militant Baker, and Brittany Gibbons, of Brittany Herself, are two others leading the social media curve to empowering women. Clothiers like Pin-up Girl Clothing in LA, and major chain boutiques like Dress Barn, Torrid, and of course BRASNYC.COM are proving that fashion can and should be amazing for women of any shape and size.

Gibbons in particular, is inspiring thousands and has a new book, Fat Girl Walking (which predated the Thore TLC show’s title), coming from Random House later this year. One of the things Gibbons and we here at are passionate about is getting the best-fitting, most attractive bras, no matter what a woman’s size. We are proud to provide you with a fantastic selection with a huge size range at a great price. Let us help you dress well, from the inside out!