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Custom Nursing Bras |

Custom Nursing Bras
We convert bras to nursing with a Quick Clip clasp.

At Bras NYC, we can convert your favorite style bra into a nursing bra, perfect for any mom that is breastfeeding.

How does this work? Simply choose the style that you are familiar with, or any famous brand name bra.

Choose the option change your bra to a nursing bra and we will get to work right away. Why convert your bra into a nursing bra?  If you are happy with your current bra as far as support comfort and shape, why change just because you are nursing?

We have an alterations department that will add the necessary accessories for your utmost comfort. Our Patented Quick Clip clasp closures are convenient for nursing, they open with one hand while you hold your baby with the other. Easy to close with one hand too.  Just select the style, size, quantity,color and check off the box change to a nursing  bra.

You can also send in your own bra and we will change your bra into a nursing bra for you. Just choose the item "change your bra to a nursing bra" style #5810.

Custom nursing bras are not exchangeable or refundable.

More Details

 Here is a picture of a clip on a converted bra. The Quick Clip is sewn securely at the front of the bra, where the strap meets the cups.

Here is a picture converted bra, with the clip opened for feeding position. Our unique design of double reinforced straps ads a soft and comfortable extension to your strap to keep the strap in place for after use. Otherwise, the strap would fly away over your shoulder. By using this method, the strap stays in place comfortably.