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Does Your Bra Fit Right?

Posted by Bras NYC on 2/11/2015

Is your bra so uncomfortable that you hate putting it on every morning and can’t wait to take it off at the end of the day?  Have you tried those so-called eighteen hour bras but are ready to free the beasts by lunch?  There are some women who don’t have to wear a bra, and though you love how your cleavage looks in your little black dress, you are envious of those A and B cup girls who need not restrain their breasts.

You might have anywhere from four to sixteen bras at any given time.  From your sexy Friday date night bra to your sports bra to your go-to bra that you are loathe admit that you wear just about every day because it is so thin, worn and unsexy but it is also the one that is most comfortable.

Perhaps it’s not that you don’t have good bras but that you don’t have good fitting bras.  There is a difference, and that difference can make you love or hate your bra.

It’s time to shop for a bra that fits right if you are experiencing any of these symptoms of the uncomfortable bra: the straps are digging into your shoulders or they keep falling off your shoulders even when you tighten them, the center part in between the cups does not lie flush with your rib cage, your breasts are causing you shoulder or back pain, the under-wire digs in or hurt anywhere, you get rashes or soreness where your bra was, or your breasts hurt after you take your bra off at night.  Your armpit or back fat around the band is also a big clue to the fact that your bra is wrong for you.

You bra should be comfortable and offer you support but it should also make you feel pretty or even sexy.  Even if nobody else sees what you wear underneath that buttoned up blouse for those high powered meetings, a pretty, well-fitting bra will give you a little boost to your confidence.