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How To Find The Perfect Bra For You And Your Sisters

Posted by BrasNYC on 6/1/2015

Way too many of us women do not treat our sisters right. We wear bras that are ill fitting, bras that are not right for our body types, and bras that have simply been worn too often and too long. The danger to wearing the wrong bras is that doing so is more than uncomfortable, it can hurt our bodies, it can lead to premature sagging, and it can often times just look bad.

The bottom line is that we have got to make sure we find and wear the right bras for us and our sisters. This is what we need to look for.

Sufficient Support

The primary job our bras are tasked with is to hold our breasts. And, the larger our breasts are, the more support the cups of our bras must provide. Simply put, you want your breasts to be held up by your bra so that they do not have to hold themselves up, because over time, they cannot.  If you feel your breasts sagging while you are wearing a bra, odds are you need a bra that offers more support, a bra that has firmer cups and support.  

Bra Straps Matter

Going hand in hand with the preceding point is the importance of having the right straps for the job and your body type. If you are large breasted, you not only need strong cups, you need wide straps. That said, even if you and your body are fine with narrower straps, make sure they are strong and attached firmly to the rest of the bra. We all deserve to have bra straps that do not break.

Does Your Bra Fit?

As we said at the top of this posting, too many of us wear ill-fitting bras on a regular basis. Thankfully, it is fairly easy to know if your bra does not fit well. Does it feel bad? Do your breasts sag, feel heavy? Does it ride up  or slip down in the back? Do the straps move? Does it rub you in some spots while sag in others? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, your bra does not fit as it should.