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Men’s Underwear - Know Your Choices

Posted by BrasNYC on 12/10/2014

Men’s and women’s underwear are two very different things. Men’s lingerie is something that’s rarely, if ever, heard of, because it seems that what men wear under their pants has more to do with function than style. Still, that doesn’t mean that all the guys out there don’t have any choices when it comes to choosing underwear. There are different models and different designs, some of which look sexy, and others which look conservative. And here they are.

The most conservative of them all, the ones that are least likely to be considered sexy, are the boxers. They are the underwear choice that leaves the most room for male genitalia, which makes them a great choice for the summer, but not as good choice when working out, running, or doing any other activity that requires support.

Briefs can be sexy, but you need to have a body like a male model to be able to pull it off. So, if your priority isn't to look sexy in your underwear, you should know that briefs are a good choice to wear for activities that require support. You should also bear in mind that really tight underwear can do you harm by not allowing your testicles to move away from your body in order to regulate their temperature. Because testicles are very temperature-sensitive, keeping them close to the body and not allowing them to cool down when they need to can lead to a lower sperm count.

The same warning about temperature regulation applies to boxer briefs as well. This type of underwear, which is basically a mix between boxers and briefs just as its name suggests, will also provide you support with all the good and the bad that could come with it. Plus, they can look sexy without you having to be ripped, which makes them a great choice for any activity or time of the year accept the very warm summer.

These are the basic choices you have. Thongs are also available for men, but they might be a too adventurous choice. Of course, you’ll have to choose the actual design of the underwear, and you’ll probably have some choices, but not too many, of materials they’re made from. Remember that the hotter the weather you plan to wear your underwear in, the more space it has to provide, and don’t be too self-conscious about your body shape. As long as it feels good, it will look good on you.