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The Bras Every Woman Should At Least Consider Owning

Posted by BrasNYC on 5/10/2015

Too many women get by with way too few bras. This is a misstep that can lead to poor posture, saggy breasts, and other issues since our breasts need to be supported differently depending upon what we are doing. These are the bras that, depending upon the woman, women should consider owning.

The Everyday Or T-Shirt Bra

The t-shirt bra is designed to be comfortable, supportive and to keep your breasts and nipples from being visible through the thin material that many t-shirts are made of. These characteristics are what also make the t-shirt bra the go-to everyday bra for most women. You should have from two to four of these in different colors with at least a single skin-toned one to wear with white tops.

Sports Bras

While not every woman is sporty, every one of us ought to be doing some sort of exercise on a regular basis. If your fitness plan includes walking, hiking, running or any other type of activity that has you and your girls bouncing about, you need at least two sports bras that will provide your breasts and back the support you need. On the other hand, if you swim or ride an exercise bike, you could probably get by without owning a sports bra.  

Lacy, Sexy Bras

Sometimes we want to feel sexy. Sometimes we need the confidence provided by a set of a matching lacy bra and lacy panties. These need to be a bra and panties that you feel comfortable wearing with nothing else. Women either need a single pair of these or loads and loads!

Strapless Bras

If you wear strapless tops or dresses from time to time, you will need at least one strapless bra. However, because they are designed to remain hidden, most women can get by with just having one strapless bra as long as they do not wear strapless dresses and tops on a real regular basis.

Sleeping Bras

Though we do not all do it, if we want to help minimize the sag in our breasts, we need to wear sleeping bras at night. After all, gravity never takes a break, not even at night.