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The Challenge of Buying Bras and Panties for Tweens

Posted by Bras NYC on 10/26/2014

Little girls grow up too quickly.  It seems that one night you’re walking the floors with a fussy baby and the next you’re walking the floors waiting for her to get home from her first date.

Images on billboards, television, radio and the Internet have little girls thinking that they have to be sexy.  For parents, keeping their daughters little girls as long as possible is the goal.

There are hundreds of little things that make parents worry from the first day of school to her first date to her first driving lesson without the added anxiety of her being provocative before her time.  Buying underwear for tween girls is a challenge.  Everything seems to be too sexy, too revealing.  While mothers understand that their daughters want nice underthings to feel pretty and to fit in with other girls in the locker room, they also don’t want to encourage sexiness in a child of that age.  It can be difficult finding the happy compromise between pretty and provocative, but it is an effort mothers must make because there is no reason a twelve-year-old needs a push-up bra and a matching thong from the lingerie store.

Finding pretty, affordable and age appropriate underwear is as easy as shopping  From little girl panties, tights and camisoles to training bras to the lovely panties and bras, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for, making shopping for your young daughter’s “lingerie” an easy and painless process for mother and daughter.  

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