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What Underpants Should You Wear for Your Body Type?

Posted by Bras NYC on 3/21/2015

These days, there are so many panty variants that women can choose from. Deciding on which to buy shouldn't just be dependent on what design you fancy, if you want the underwear to serve its purpose of providing comfort and making you look better. After all, even if it's worn underneath your clothes, you still have to pick out one that will flatter your shape and make your outside appearance more attractive.

Pear Flair

You've got a pear-shaped body? Make sure to add the right flair even before you put on your outfit. You can do this by picking out the right underpants that can best flatter your body type. In this case, it's of great importance that you try to minimize the broadness of your hips and thighs. You should therefore go for high-cut bikini briefs which will surely make your lower body appear slimmer.

Swell Rectangle

If you wish to look swell at all times in your rectangular body, it means you need to create the illusion of curves because your top to bottom is basically just straight. To do this, it would be good to choose hipster bikini briefs.

Apple Ripple

What if you have an apple-shaped body? In this case, your focus must be on tightening the stomach and abdomen areas while also giving emphasis to the legs. Wear women's briefs for a desirable ripple effect that will reflect on the outside, especially if you'll be putting on short skirts and dresses or wearing shorts too.

Hourglass Class

Now if you're one of the lucky women with an hourglass figure, all you need to do is try to add more class and style to how you look. Of course, an even more enhanced body shape will provide the perfect foundation for a great fashion ensemble. Make sure to pick panties that emphasize the waist area, such as high-waist bikinis. You might also want to wear shapewear with vertical lines.

Whatever panties you decide on, surely you'll find the right type in our wide collection. We carry different types, each one available in a wonderful array of designs that you'll love! What's more, pair these underpants with great bras and shapewear to further enhance your appearance no matter what body type you have.