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Black Friday Savings!

Posted by on 11/26/2015

Black Friday Savings!

Posted by on 11/24/2015
Enjoy 10% off now through Cyber Monday!

How To Find The Perfect Bra For You And Your Sisters

Posted by BrasNYC on 6/1/2015
Bras matter. And, bra fit matters nearly just as much. After all, in some ways, wearing the wrong bra can be just as bad as not wearing any bra at all. These are the traits to look for when looking for a bra. 

The Bras Every Woman Should At Least Consider Owning

Posted by BrasNYC on 5/10/2015
If you are a woman, odds are you do not own enough bras, the right types of bras, or bras that fit properly. However, the longer you go without having the right support for your breasts and back, the more likely it is that your breasts will sag prematurely and that you will suffer from posture problems. 

Shapewear is about Confidence.

Posted by Bras NYC on 4/19/2015
But what is confidence? For us, it’s about more than knowing you look your best, it’s about feeling that way too. You need to feel free to move, to breathe, to run to your next activity, to get their attention at work, or to dance the night away.

5 Changes in Your Breasts You Should Expect When Expecting

Posted by Bras NYC on 4/13/2015
No other stage in a woman’s reproductive life is fraught with a lot of changes than when her body is preparing to nourish her child. Despite this universal experience, however, a lot of women are still confused as to what really to expect with their breasts when expecting for the simple reason that no two pregnancies, and the attendant changes to a woman’s body, are ever alike.

Fun Facts About Bras

Posted by Bras NYC on 4/5/2015
How much do you know about this wardrobe essential? Brush up on your bra facts and trivia!

What Underpants Should You Wear for Your Body Type?

Posted by Bras NYC on 3/21/2015
These days, there are so many panty variants that women can choose from. Deciding on which to buy shouldn't just be dependent on what design you fancy, if you want the underwear to serve its purpose of providing comfort and making you look better. After all, even if it's worn underneath your clothes, you still have to pick out one that will flatter your shape and make your outside appearance more attractive.

Body Acceptance: Dressing Well From The Inside Out

Posted by BrasNYC on 2/15/2015
One of the most important facets of the various “real women” and “curvy women” movements, now merging into the larger “body acceptance” movement, is bringing women to understand that doing what makes them feel fabulous, regardless of where, when, or for whom, needs to become a priority in their lives.

Does Your Bra Fit Right?

Posted by Bras NYC on 2/11/2015

Is your bra so uncomfortable that you hate putting it on every morning and can’t wait to take it off at the end of the day?  Have you tried those so-called eighteen hour bras but are ready to free the beasts by lunch?  There are some women who don’t have to wear a bra, and though you love how your cleavage looks in your little black dress, you are envious of those A and B cup girls who need not restrain their breasts.

Post Baby Bra Shopping

Posted by Brasnyc on 1/22/2015
Pregnancy can be a wonderful thing; there is nothing that will ever compare to the months you develop a life inside of you. Your body will go through change after change, and that can be a happy and scary time. While you are pregnant, the changes your body goes through are new and exciting but the after effects on your body can be disappointing.

Men, Do You and Your Lady Want to Have a Baby? If so, Wear Boxers!

Posted by BrasNYC on 1/15/2015
A man's underwear choice goes a long ways towards determining how healthy certain parts of his body are. For example, underwear that is too restrictive can make the testicles too hot which in turn lowers a man's sperm count. This means that men wanting to have a baby need to consider wearing loose boxer shorts if they are experiencing fertility difficulties. 

What New Mothers Need to Look for in a Nursing Bra

Posted by BrasNYC on 1/3/2015
Nursing bras are different than standard bras and therefore possess different qualities than do the latter do. When the time comes for you to find the perfect nursing bra, you need to make sure that you consider its size, its ease of use, and style. 

Real Origins of the Bra: Mary Phelps Jacobs

Posted by Bras NYC on 12/17/2014
The bra was not invented on November 3, 1914. Women have been binding and otherwise supporting their breasts for, literally, ages; the first bras may well date back to ancient Greece, where women would wrap bands of fabric across their chests, tying or pinning them in the back. And the "brassiere," as a widespread concept—the word comes from the French for "upper arm"—is generally thought to have originated with the DeBevoise Company, which used the term in advertisements for its whale-bone-supported camisoles. (French, then as now, had a certain je ne sais quoi with English-speaking consumers.) Vogue began talking about brassieres in 1907; in 1911, the word merited an entry in the Oxford English Dictionary.

3 Major Factors to Consider When Choosing Shapewear

Posted by Bras NYC on 12/13/2014

You've probably heard of this "magical" piece of undergarment that many women vie for and is considered a must-have in every fashion fanatic's wardrobe. It's more commonly known as shapewear, designed to smooth the lines, cuts, and rolls on your body and make you look slimmer and sexier.

We carry a wide range of shapewear that you can pick from. However, it's not a one-size-fits-all kind of apparel. With the vast array available in the market, it can be quite confusing or you might end up buying something that would defeat the purpose. Hence, keep these 3 major factors in mind that you have to take into account before purchasing a particular shapewear:

Men’s Underwear - Know Your Choices

Posted by BrasNYC on 12/10/2014
Men’s and women’s underwear are two very different things. Men’s lingerie is something that’s rarely, if ever, heard of, because it seems that what men wear under their pants has more to do with function than style. Still, that doesn’t mean that all the guys out there don’t have any choices when it comes to choosing underwear. There are different models and different designs, some of which look sexy, and others which look conservative. And here they are.

Fit Yourself at Home: A Bra Primer

Posted by Bras NYC on 12/6/2014
It can feel like playing Russian roulette to order a bra from an online retailer, but we’re here to rescue you from the confusion and help you find the right fit.

4 Bra-Fitting Tips Every Woman Should Know

Posted by BrasNYC on 11/3/2014
Bras, although a staple of female wardrobe, are often given afterthought when it comes to fitting. But like any other wardrobe, bras should be chosen with as much care because it lays the foundation of a pulled-together look.

The Challenge of Buying Bras and Panties for Tweens

Posted by Bras NYC on 10/26/2014
Little girls grow up too quickly. It seems that one night you’re walking the floors with a fussy baby and the next you’re walking the floors waiting for her to get home from her first date.

5 Bra Myths Debunked

Posted by BrasNYC on 10/9/2014
Bras are supposed to be simple contraptions that should be simpler to wear. Lean slightly forward so the cups scoop the breasts, hook the bra, and adjust the straps. As it turns out, putting the 'girls' in their cups this way is a few steps short of how it should be properly done. And there are a handful more myths that need to be debunked when it comes to using these 'bosom buddies' the right way.

7 Essentials for a Bra Wardrobe

Posted by Bras NYC on 10/7/2014
Just because they are worn underneath does not mean you should not be selective when it comes to bras. In fact, bras that are ill-fitting will not only make you uncomfortable and restrict circulation, but will also show in your form.