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Post Baby Bra Shopping

Posted by Brasnyc on 1/22/2015
Pregnancy can be a wonderful thing; there is nothing that will ever compare to the months you develop a life inside of you. Your body will go through change after change, and that can be a happy and scary time. While you are pregnant, the changes your body goes through are new and exciting but the after effects on your body can be disappointing.

Men, Do You and Your Lady Want to Have a Baby? If so, Wear Boxers!

Posted by BrasNYC on 1/15/2015
A man's underwear choice goes a long ways towards determining how healthy certain parts of his body are. For example, underwear that is too restrictive can make the testicles too hot which in turn lowers a man's sperm count. This means that men wanting to have a baby need to consider wearing loose boxer shorts if they are experiencing fertility difficulties. 

What New Mothers Need to Look for in a Nursing Bra

Posted by BrasNYC on 1/3/2015
Nursing bras are different than standard bras and therefore possess different qualities than do the latter do. When the time comes for you to find the perfect nursing bra, you need to make sure that you consider its size, its ease of use, and style.