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Shapewear is about Confidence.

Posted by Bras NYC on 4/19/2015
But what is confidence? For us, it’s about more than knowing you look your best, it’s about feeling that way too. You need to feel free to move, to breathe, to run to your next activity, to get their attention at work, or to dance the night away.

5 Changes in Your Breasts You Should Expect When Expecting

Posted by Bras NYC on 4/13/2015
No other stage in a woman’s reproductive life is fraught with a lot of changes than when her body is preparing to nourish her child. Despite this universal experience, however, a lot of women are still confused as to what really to expect with their breasts when expecting for the simple reason that no two pregnancies, and the attendant changes to a woman’s body, are ever alike.

Fun Facts About Bras

Posted by Bras NYC on 4/5/2015
How much do you know about this wardrobe essential? Brush up on your bra facts and trivia!